2002 Champion Speaks Out

Former champion Cristal Wagstaff has spoken out today in an arranged press conference amid growing concern that he will be considering boycotting the tournament. Wagstaff, along with many other senior pros are considering the boycott in protest against the new handicap system implemented by the AWHC.


In reference to Alaine Hunks, who has been affected the most by handicap capping, he said:-

“At least he drinks and contributes fully in the essence of the JWMGC, and doesn’t shirk from his duties…….so f** the golf and drink some p**… I am sure golf was just an excuse to do some more drinking wasn’t it?”

Wagstaff and the other players involved in a possible boycott are reported to be contemplating an anti-march against the forthcoming peace and harmony rally for children with Alcoholic parents.

When asked for his opinion on the handicap and about being the centre of attention in what could seriously affect the future of this classic tournament, Alain Hunks said:

“Our paua shells are not your average shells picked off the beach in coastal New Zealand and in fact only one in a thousand will make the grade to be big and thick enough with brilliant depth of colour.”