2007 Waipu – Swans

Shaw Plunders Falcons Mistake

The Swans benefited from Falcon incompetence and deservedly won the 2007 Fraser Moors Memorial trophy on a count-back.

How it happened:

  1. Master scorer Peta Hunt, having just won the individual trophy was busy celebrating with his Samoan Attorney and proceeded in his euphoria to incorrectly add the team Stableford on a napkin and determined that the scores were tied when in reality the Falcons had won by 1 point.
  2. It was then left to the Fraser Moors Spreadsheet to determine the winner on countback Stableford points.
  3. Deane Sure failed to complete his round after getting stuck in a meadow and the bug in the spreadsheet highlighted 50 Stableford points to anyone not completing their round was completely missed on the spreadsheet by Wayward, who then threw the Samoan Attorney under the bus.

On a Stableford countback, the Swans had the third-highest Stableford points but c’est la vie.

  • Falcons 470
  • Magpies 444
  • Swans 478 438
  • Horks 431

When contacted in Hell, Fraser said that it wasn’t the fault of the spreadsheet but the user. Falcon spreadsheet operator Wayward agreed and said that the Swans were deserved champions and also blamed the Samoan attorney.

The Falcons have been haunted by Fraser ever since.