Nelson 2018 – Magpies

Magpies confirm status

The Magpies have once again confirmed their status as GOAT with a dominant win to retake the Fraser Moors Memorial Trophy.

Led by captain Mark Gemstone, the Magpies occupied three of the top four positions with Darren Stalone and Simon Chur finishing third and fourth respectively.

The Magpies won all four doubles matches on day one and simply needed to win three more matches to confirm the win. They won four and came close to another blackwash with Johnson finishing second in the individual standings.

Tremain Looks to Breakaway League

Fresh on the back of Don Sure’s failed attempt to start a breakaway tournament the Donny Shawpecker, former Magpie captain and 2016 champion Simon Schteemin is believed to be in discussions with a Dubai consortium to take the teams event offshore.

“We’ve just become too good for everyone else it’s become boring. Just look at The Swans performance here this weekend. They were pathetic and a shadow of the team that once used to give us a run for our money. Without Weak at the helm, they’re just a rabble.

Swans Rally Around Blackwell

Swan star Barry Traill was at a loss to explain the huge slump in form from the Swans and said that they would look to regroup with a team-building exercise to help Blackwell cure his candida.

Blackwell as captain didn’t fire, suffering from a variety of fungal infections to finish at the rear of the field.