Yawn Morsely favourite to Repeat

Donald Sure incurred the wrath of the Handicapping Committee when he submitted a request for a handicap increase because he lost both his big toenails.

“Recent injuries have seen me lose not one, but both big toenails. This has been detrimental to my personality and performance.”

The Committee said that this was nothing more than a smokescreen after Sure had spent the entire 2021 year playing golf and who now had a certified NZGA handicap of 19. His handicap was docked 2 down to 22 and the TAB instantly made Swan Yawn Morsely the new favourite to become the first player ever to win the Johnny Woodpecker twice.

2021 Handicap Adjustments

Player 2020 2021
Steve Steve McSofty – 35 36
Murf Jon Jon Waveless 33 35
Milli Mick Nillichip 34 35
Flighty Mick Fight 25 27
Mark Would 26 27
Tupes Chris Twopoohs 22 24
Raymon Don Sure 24 22
JJ Mark Gemstone 25 20