Champion Becomes a Woman


It seems as if the man that came from nowhere to win the 2008 JWMGC has reinvented himself – as a woman.

Known for years by his parents as Craig and to those around him as Sid – the career bureaucrat has suddenly re-emerged as Trish. A shock revelation to many in the JWMGC community but not a first – who can forget the transformation of Deane Surefrom perennial tail ender to champion back in Wellington?

Or indeed Horse from mild-mannered cafe host to human fertiliser machine in Whangamata? Trish (nee Sid) certainly plotted a similar course. Having never been considered a contender – in fact some wondered if he’d played a JWMGC before – he came from thin air to snatch 45 stableford points on day one and closed it out on day two in Palmerston North.

Trish The real mystery began to surface early in the preparations for 2009 when Craig/Sid began presenting through a non de plume of Trish. Unaware of any cross-dressing background AWHC stalwart Fabio Rossini was quick to point out there would be no leniency shown to the defending champ.

“If bloody Sid thinks a simple cut and tuck will allow him to start teeing off from the ladies tees he’s got a rude surprise in store. It just wouldn’t be fare to consistently play your first shot ahead of Loz’s second or third attempts.”

JWMGC sergeant-at-arms Simon Schteemin saw it a different way. “If Sid really is coming out as Trish then technically he’s a fresher and we all know what that means. Yes he might be a fellow Magpie but the enforcer of consumption is a role I take seriously”.

Competition night owl Potmeister felt he may have an insight. “If that guy saw what I saw behind the Red Door in Palmy then I can understand his troubles”. Meanwhile Craig/Sid/Trish are all planning an assault on Taupo to rival Clint Brown’s effort.

. . . there can be only one