Concerns Mount over Woodpecker XIV


In a stunning revelation we can reveal the truth behind the debarcle that is the organisation for the forthcoming Woodpecker XVI. Concerns continue to mount over the health of champ Larry “where’s me farken trophy” Bonding as he continues his daily cocktail of a slab of VB and Coke.

As rumours of a rebel tour gain traction, it can be revealed that Messrs Horsley, Stokes and Shaw are leading the charge for a rebel tour based out of Wanaka sponsored by Wanaka TV. Bonding had originally looked to fly all players out to the Gold Coast 1st class courtesy of a private jet hired by The Baron but things appeared to have turned sour between the pair after The Baron spotted Bonding catching a taxi to the RSA after only jogging 1km of a recent marathon and then pretending to finish in a PB after a couple of middies and a stubby.

A Tani Too Far

Bonding looked to Swan legend Gary “T” Traill to save his bacon and sail the players across The Tasman on his new startup Taniwha Toor Tankard but things appear to have spiralled out of control for the man with the Masport®.