Donaldson gets Implant

Andy Donaldson, the Wellington Horks trundler operator has gone to extreme lengths to be competitive in Woodpecker VII by having cohesive silicone implants inserted into his buttocks. When asked why anyone in their right mind would consider taking such drastic action purely for a golf tournament he said: –

Andrew said that these procedures are for the individual who is unable to develop proportionate gluteal muscles, lacks buttock fat, or simply desires more augmentation in the buttock area. The buttocks are augmented with the use of implants specifically designed for such a use or with your own fat, if applicable.

Weightlifters and struggling golfers sometimes request buttock implants to augment underdeveloped gluteal muscles to give a more balanced look as they have less actual body fat percentage to liposuction and re-inject.

The only problem has been having to sleep on your stomach for two weeks or more with this procedure. The swelling and bruising will go down after a while once my wife can apply my prescribed pain medication and ice packs. The sutures are taken out in about 10 days and you must be very careful not to move around too quickly, especially when dropping off the kids at the pool but it’ll be worth it if I can get off the bottom of the table come prizegiving at Woodpecker VII.