Horks Star Hero

I would like to introduce Larry, my client and friend who has been trekking for the past 11 days with us to Everest Base Camp.

Larry Bonding is a former corporate who decided that working in an industry where people like the product was far more appealing. He now works for Moon Dog Craft Brewery.

Yesterday, without doubt Larry was involved in saving the life of a stranded French trekker.

After we had lunch in a small place called Dughla, Larry decided to save some energy and find a short cut over the river.

After navigating his way across the boulders, knowing he would meet us on the other side, Larry came across the Frenchman who was sitting in an alcove beside the river bank, completely disorientated, delusional and oblivious to where he was.

Larry had a quick chat and realised the serious of his condition, taking hold of his backpack and managing to slowly lead him back up to the main trail where he met up with me and some of my group.

I could see that the young guy was in a bad way and needed help. He had no food and limited water, and was clearly suffering from altitude sickness.

I managed to slowly guide him down the valley for the next few hours, keeping him warm, giving him food and keeping him hydrated before arriving in Pheriche where Brendan, a wonderful volunteer doctor from the United States took over.

It always amazes me how people underestimate the Himalayas and venture into this incredible landscape without experience or support.

Our French friend has now been stabilised and will be choppered out in the morning.

Thanks again Larry and Gordie for heading back to give me a hand and getting the doctors prepared for our arrival.