Keg Ordered for Skulls

sonofenforcerThe biggest field ever assembled for the 2006 JWMGC will guarantee one thing … a record number of jug skulls. Sergeant-at-arms Simon Schteemin has been licking his lips at the prospect of watching the chokers choke and the burglars biff.

“For starters I’ve already got Wik down for 5 jugs across the two days for his lame attempt at trying to swindle the handicap committee. His even lamer attempt to hide in some fringer motel won’t help him escape the 5 litres he needs to chuck back”.

The record number of newbies also has the Hawke’s Bay enforcer smiling wide.

“Well I know Machine will lead the sh##face freshers by example and it’ll be up to the likes of Loz and Costa to FRONT UP and follow suit. I know our Magpie Minor will do us proud. “Oh and while we’re at it I haven’t forgotten about those returning from previous years so Dooce, Chook and Gus better get thirsty.”

Event organiser Dean Brownarse has confirmed the one litre HANZ jug will be in pride of place at the Friday barbecue.

“It really motivates you not to miss a year doesn’t it boyzzzzzzzzzzz?”

cowco-signOnce again New Zealand’s top wine company has seen good value in taking an important sponsors role in JWMGC 2006. Deane Sureof the Central Otago Wine Company (COWCO) has kindly contributed plenty of their finest products for players to enjoy and winners to savour.

“One case of pinot for general consumption and some champers for the individual winner and champers for the champion team, which I am picking to be the Swans of course”.

Event organiser Dean Brownarse commended the long and strong contribution from the game’s most colourful player.

“It’s all very well for Simon Schteemin to claim gold sponsor status but I’ve never seen a real estate agent on the course, at least Shawboy fronts up year in and year out with some quality refreshments.

The guy is a legend but could do some more work on his core stabilisers”.

Blackwell also hinted that Mark Gemstone has already booked out his luxury Napier motel for 2007 in anticipation of a Magpies player getting up to win this year. “But then again I heard Gus Lee has ordered 250 extra broccoli for March 2007 so you don’t know who is likely to front as a sponsor next year.”