Millichip Debuts for Swans

New Swans captain Yawn Morsely revealed he had signed Millichip after a bidding war quickly broke out between the teams for the services of the wiry vintner with some confusion over his state of origin. However teams transfer manager John Weak today confirmed that he will take his place in the Swans due to room in their salary cap now Jon Loveanich won’t be fronting.

“It’s the best news we could hope for. Someone who’s actually quite funny and prepared to drink his p**s will be the best sub we could hope for. Milly also has a solid set of ankles so at the end of the day, it is evening”.

The hard hitting South Islander will enter with a handicap of 28 and could be one to watch given that the last three Woodpeckers have been taken out by first-timers. (ANON)