Mr Incredible 3rd Favourite

Horks captain Alaine Hunks, aka the Mosquito has started calling himself Mr. Incredible because he said that he is. After a recent round at Miramar Golf Club saw him finish the two toughest holes with consecutive pars, Hunks is now the new TAB third favourite to win JWMGCXXIV at $3.20. Celebrity punter Cristal Wagstaff is thought to have plunged a huge bet on Hunks at $4.50 after breaking the record for most consecutive horse bets without a single return (460 bets valued at $6,545.00).

TAB golf pundits are also dubious as to the 2022 Tournament Promotion that suggested that this tournament was wide open and that even Mick Nillichip could win it. Most bets have ranged for 1st-time champions on the likes of Minor, Muftit, Smyth and Flight (with Burgled unbackable at $1.00), whereas bets on repeat champions appear to be focussed on Stoked, Hunks, Traill, and Yawn Morsely.