Mr Muftit & the Swans

With the Swans in complete disarray sitting at the bottom of the Woodpecker table, star player Danny Smurfette (Mr Muftit to the players) is becoming recognised as a real force and expert on educating old Swans from very wealthy, white communities.

Muftit leads by living the very values he borrowed from Barry Traill.

Whanaungatanga – you all belong as part of the whanua / team. There is no I in putter.
Hirangatanga – striving for excellence – we can all achieve more than we think and not end up in the bunker all the time.
Manaakitanga – showing care and respect towards other players (even Magpies).

It is hard to know whether Muftit will be able to help these rich white (and one brown) players but with current captain John (no bleck players) Loveanich oblivious to anything outside of his serious vapo habit, the Swans are in desperate need of his help.