New Jug Rules Welcome

JWMGC sergeant-at-arms Simon Schteemin has put an end to the 750ml and 800ml weak excuses that have been passing as jug skulls in recent years.


“Thanks to the good ole boys at HANZ I have a couple of pristine condition 1125ml glass jugs. Will they be in luggage for Palmy? you bet. Will they be used to enforce jug skulls for those that are worthy? I wouldn’t bet against it”.

Simon Schteemin says he been sickened at the lame excuses passing as jug skulls in recent years and wants to bring focus back to what in many ways is the essence of JWMGC.

“They have to look themselves in the mirror but they know they’ve been taking the piss for some time now so 2008 will see some rules applied.

The one-time jug chopping champion also has some welcome news for the freshers and those that have forgotten to attend in previous years.

Simon Schteemin wasn’t keen to elaborate all details to the only official website but brushed off suggestions this was his own sick way of making up for a certain arm wrestle defeat in 2007.

“Let’s just say this guy Rich Osborne better be able to front up and put the empty jug where his mouth is”.