Organiser Solves Space Crisis

swanscaravan2006 Tournament organiser Dean Brownarse answered his critics today when he managed to find alternative accommodation for the Swans in response to the record numbers that will be attending his event.

“The phone’s been running red hot, I’ve had to take it off the hook such has been the demand for places in JWMGC 06.

“I had originally sorted a caravan for The Swans but it looks like we were going to be cramped so I’ve managed to talk Ray Flebb, Chairman of the golf course into lending us one of his exclusive on course Raupo Cottages. Hucks obviously made a real impression on his daughter Raylene when he stayed recently so I’m thrilled as we can use it as a Comms area as well.”

swans_new“The cottages feature external 8 foot long drop toilets which will be great as it will mean that they wont need emptying whilst we are having our dinner each night. They can also sleep 3 comfortably meaning that the Swans will be able to get a good nights sleep providing the ferrets don’t wander in looking for food.

I tell you what – this will be the best organised tournament that you have ever seen, mark my words.”

Falcons upset with Cabana

Falcons spokesman Peta Hunt expressed his disappointment with recent renovations to their Waihi changing facilities after it was revealed that the exterior roof was painted in Cerise and not Falcon Blue.

Falcons“It really is totally unacceptable as the Architects were given strict instructions that the roof be painted the official 2006 colours – Pantene 2106 Falcon Blue. We have also returned the new Xbox 360 game console from the external toilet and massage facility too as these were Battleship Grey. The Falcons are the best and when you are the best, nothing less than the best will do.”