Craig Sudoku into hall of fame

Congratulations to legendary Magpie Craig Sudoku on his inclusion into the Woodpecker hall of fame.

Sid is one of the true legends of the Johnny Woodpecker after overcoming adversity within his own team and then within the wider playing group after struggling to drink a large jug of tainted lager back in 2007 when he won the championship.

It can now be revealed that this was not a result of lengthy skulling training from mentor Simon Schteemin but the fiendish hands of Deane Surewho laced his jug with Grappa and Ketamine.

“On day two I was leading the tournament and I teed off on the first hole and then the entire course started shaking. I shouted to the other players to dive for cover but they just ignored me. I tried to save Utz but he got stuck in the bunker and he just couldn’t get out and he was never seen again!”