The Greatest Team Ever?

Horks captain Alaine Hunks has said his side will have to overcome probably the best team that has ever played if they are to defeat the Falcons and win the Johnny Woodpecker Memorial Golf Classic teams event. “You can play against a number of teams and win but the question you get asked the most is ‘how are you going to do against the Falcons?

hcksThat question is going to be answered in Whangamata. Hucks “It is a challenge I am really looking forward to because when you face the biggest challenges you have to relish it and I am sure the team will be thinking the same way. We realise we are up against the best team in the world at this moment in time and probably the best team that has ever played. But we won’t change our approach, we are going to play positive, attack and try to keep them under pressure hole by hole.

“We have had lots of success in the past but it’s going to be tough especially after failing to sign Machine after he was drug tested and found to be negative. The Magpies will be tough to beat on their home turf, and the Swans are pure class so it is a bit intimidating, but you have to believe in yourself and retain your mental strength. If you get excited about playing against the best teams in the Woodpecker you have a chance of going out and performing”.