The Magnificent Magpies

It’s hard to come to superlatives for the Magnificent Magpies who continue to dominate the sport like no other. The only argument now is where they fit amongst the greatest teams of all time. Given the sacrifices that every Magpie player has had to make – to get to the driving range every single day and the scrutiny of regular coaching and club changes with no respite from their drive to win at all costs.

  1. 2013 New Zealand All Blacks
  2. 1998 New York Yankees
  3. 1927 New York Yankees
  4. 1996 Chicago Bulls
  5. 2020 Magpies
  6. 1977 Montreal Canadiens
  7. 1985 Chicago Bears
  8. 1972 Los Angeles Lakers
  9. 1984 Edmonton Oilers
  10. 1989 San Francisco 49ers

2023 captain Mr Burguezz had just sacrificed himself for the team after he had been deducted a record 10 shots from his handicap, throwing himself at the mercy of the hungry handicapping committee, eager for a blood sacrifice for the Mosquito to gorge upon. The TAB instantly changed his odds from 5-4 to win the tournament to 20-1 outsider as a huge betting plunge on a Stealin / Gemstone Magpie quinella had the two Magpie veterans as joint favourites to win the title in 2023.

Brown is the new Black

Add to the new mix, their latest recruit, Rick Black, another promising high handicapper groomed through the lure of property purchases and equity for wealth promises. Once hooked, he can rest assured the rest of his life will be confined to the driving ranges, mid-week corporate golf nights, and book club sessions on the pale ales – a huge issue for Black as he’s never learned to read, brought up staring at Viz magazine and Two Fat Slags.