An Unashamed Fix

Champions Attempted ruse Plays into Hands of Sea Monster

An unashamed fix by defending champ* Mike Rhymeswith looks as if it could play into hands of JWMGC legend 5iron “Sigmund” Kerr.

Bollocks has chosen a traditional path of booking all available carts and trundlers on day 2 for his adoring harem of Horks, forcing all non-Horks players to carry golf bags on day 2 of the JWMGX 2018.

“I could lie about this but I’m just doing everything my consultant Alame Hunk is telling me to do. The idea of watching Shawboy carry a dozen pinot and a bag on day two does make me chuckle.”

The lumber merchant is laughing now, but it’s the Woodpecker’s all-time favourtite champion 5iron Kerr whose pragmatic approach looks set to prosper.

“If that’s Pollock’s game, I will just dispense with a bag as I only ever use a 5 iron and putter. BRING. IT. ON.”

TAB consultant and tournament commentator/scorekeeper/editor Nudeboy Woodward reacted instantly, slashing Kerr’s odds of becoming first-ever double champ to 3-1.

There can be only one …

*made champ in 2017 after Raymond Shaw took a 5-shot lead to last hole and then 10 putted.