What a Load Of

Bollocks ~ A highly flexible term commonly used by the English.

1. something rubbish
2. a falsehood or series of lies
3. something great
4. the best possible
5. testicles
6. exclamation on making a error.
7. toe inflammation from cheap wine
8. the Horks greatest ever player
9. the winner of JWMGC 2015

So much can happen in a few years – just ask Myke Bollok.


The leader of the failed breakaway team The Fantails back in 2007, Pollock was searching for someone to love – and The Horks were there for him.

Pollock is no hillbilly and he knew that The Horks were a team of no hopers with no ambition to do anything other than get wasted and root but he just wanted to be loved and in Flossy he found some deep lovin.

Having to spend over $100,000 on Falcon yearly membership, he happily jumped ship from the Jafas and he hasn’t looked back, even changing his surname by deed poll to match.