When Larry met Fabio

The honeymoon looks to be well and truly over for newlywed Harold Ange Bonding.

Orientation rumours had always dogged the accountant with blonde highlights and a move to the chuff capital of Sydney didn’t help. A marriage in 2006 helped quiet the chatter but it now appears that Harold is back to his old tricks cruising the man web.

Bonding thought his dreams had come true when he stumbled upon a “gorgeous hunk” in cyberspace, but the come stopped when he suddenly realised he was face to face with none other than legendary Auckland model “Fabio”.

“I didn’t really know what to do and panicked so I sent it straight to the JWMGC website. I knew it would expose me but it’s best for both of us this way.”

When called for comment Fabio’s P.A. said the legend was away “prospecting” new clients in a well-known gay friendly big city. “It’s either Sydney or San Francisco this week but it could be Christchurch … I’ll check his schedule.”